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This is a real world interest calculation question.
Sam applied a zero percent balance transfer card in Jan with 3.6% on purchase. He transferred $10,000 from high interest credit card (smart move) and made a purchase of $10 (dumb move) the first day he got the card physically. He paid $500 for first two payments cycles. How much of the following will be the most reasonable finance charge in the third payment cycle?
(A) $0.00
(B) $0.03
(C) $1.50
(D) $100.00
Looking for credit quiz 1 in the Credit card forum, see how Sam pay 180% APR on his $10 purchase...


  • For persons with good credit history and carrying no balance monthly, credit cards with bonus cash back is the best choice. We screen through over 150 credit cards and pick out three best in this category.
  • What we do like? 1.BONUS 2.No surprise, no drama.
  • What we don't like? 1.Airline miles, 2.Reward points. 3.Bonus calcualted by how much you spend.
citi CashReturns  

BEST Citi® CashReturnsSM MasterCard®
1% cash back everywhere, more if shopped at related merchants. $50 rebate sent to you automatically, travael assistance and Auto rental Insurance. More Info Here...


TrueEarnings® from AMEX and Costco
3% cash back for gasoline and restaurant, 2% for travel, 1% everywhere. Can be used as Costoco membership card. Travael assistance and Auto rental Insurance. However, rebate check only send once a year, More Info Here...


We are still searching for best bonus cards to fill in this slot.


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