We all want to save money from mortgage.
Here we researched one of most promising ideas, “Mortgage Acceleration” and we published the report down below. We also have a large collection of necessary Mortgage Calculators in our site. They are listed in the right hand side panel.


World's Most Honest Research on Mortgage Acceleration

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Please read "special report" in the left hand side panel. The outline below is about Mortgage Acceleration Software.


Mortgage Accelerator Loan Software

What is Mortgage Accelerator Loan Software?
(1) This is not BIWEEKLY mortgage loan.
(2) The mortgage Accelerator loan has one primary mortgage and a HELOC, can be any HELOC.
(3) The borrowers directly deposit their entire pay check into the HELOC. Monthly expenses, other than mortgage payments, are funded by draws against the line of credit.
(4) Deposit and withdraw directed by Mortgage Accelerator Loan Software.

How Mortgage Accelerator work?
(1) You earn the mortgage interest rate on idle cash without tax.
(2) Positive cash flow is the key. Extra cash is applied into HELOC and interim, prime mortgage.

What is our take on UFF?
(1) It can calculate the paying-off pace correctly for you.
(2) Since it is budgeting software, it may change your lifestyle a little bit, by letting you see your real financial situation clearly.
(3) Too Expensive.

What is our criteria to pick the best Software?
(1) No refinancing required, since most of us already have primary and HELOC.
(2) Maximum risk is the money paid for software.

What is the best Mortgage Accelerator Loan Software?
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What are the glitches to avoid?
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When Heloc rate is higher, Mortgage acceleration doesn't save money. I myself is surprised to find this out. Please comments on this in the forum if you disagree.


Mortgage Calculator

Mortage Amortization Calculator
Very Neat calculator with chart

Mortgage payment calculator
How much is monthly payment is for the mortgage?

Additional payment calculator
How much can I save by making additional payments?

How much do I have to earn?
How much do I have to earn to afford my dream house?

How much can I borrow?
How big of a mortgage you can take on?

Should I pay discount points?
Should I pay discount points on my mortgage?

How much will I save by refinancing my loan?
Should I refinance my home mortgage?

How much will my tax deduction be?
How much my home mortgage will save me in taxes?

Bi-weekly mortgage calculator
How much time and money I can save by paying bi-weekly?

APR calculator
What is the APR of my loan after points, other costs?

Interest only monthly payment calculator
How much is the the monthly savings from an interest-only?

Buy-vs-Rent calculator
Calculator with best explanations one the web