World's Most Honest Mortgage Accelerator Review
HELOC Rate lower than Primary Mortgage (Part 1 of 2)

We are testing Mortgage Accelerator software from a company called StreamlineYourDebt. This software also has the ability to import your bank statement and recalculate paying off date acordingly. This feature is very nice, it allows users to see how large purchases or deposits will impact his pay off date. This feature is not shown in our screen shots. But you will fall in love with this feature once you begin to follow this software.

We use an example mortgage with 640k at 6.25% for 30 years, started back in 06/01/2008. First we will go over how to input the data into the software, then we will go over the comparasion.

Step 1, Input Primary Mortgage
You can bring up wizard by clicking on "Edit", then "Wizard".
input mortgage

Step 2, Input HELOC
The person has no balance in HELOC at this time. Also, his HELOC started in 07/01/2008.
input heloc

Step 3, Input Monthly Expense and start Calculation
This person also has $1500 extra each month, he can applies to either primary mortgage or HELOC.
input mortgage

Step 4, How is HELOC look
Notice the software is directing user to withdraw $25500 from HELOC and applies it into primary mortgage in some months. The balance in HELOC is partially offset by monthly month inflow as well as the time difference between deposit and going out to pay the bills each month. heloc

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