Online Mortgage Tools

Mortgage Calculator
Very neat mortgage amortization calculator with chart

Very Neat calculator with chart, show amortization month by month with chart.

Mortgage Calculator
Yet another mortgage payment calculator

How much is monthly payment is for the mortgage? can dowload amortixation into a CSV file.

Additional payment calculator
How much can I save by making additional payments?

How much do I have to earn?
How much do I have to earn to afford my dream house?

How much can I borrow?
How big of a mortgage you can take on?

Should I pay discount points?
Should I pay discount points on my mortgage?

How much will I save by refinancing my mortgage loan?
Should I refinance my home mortgage?
How much will my tax deduction be?
How much my home mortgage will save me in taxes?
Bi-weekly mortgage calculator
How much time and money I can save by paying bi-weekly?
APR calculator
What is the APR of my loan after points, other costs?
Interest only monthly payment calculator
How much is the the monthly savings from an interest-only?
Buy vs rent calculator
To buy or bo rent?