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Business Credit Card

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Business Credit Card A-B-C

Business credit card usually has more generous deal than personal credit card, like 0% APR for a longer term, and higher cerdit line. They comes with a hefty bonus at time of account opening. Generally speaking, they will not impact your credit score, other then an inquiry to your credit history.

You need to have some sort of business to open account, at least, sole proprietorship with your name as the business name. These are the four questions issuers will ask in addition to personal card:

Business type: Sole Proprietorship
Business name: Your exact name here
Tax Identification Number: Your social security number here
Years in Business: 0 will work
Business Revenue: $0 will work

We don't recommend giving false statement regarding your business. Nor do we encourage applying for business credit card without a business.


Advanta Business

What do we like? 0% APR on balance transfer for 15 months, 7.99% Fixed thereafter. Unlimited rewards points. $0 Fraud Liability.

What do we not like? Balance Transfers: 3% (minimum $5; maximum $90 with this introductory offer). Reward are points.


  • 90% of American Households worry about paying their bills
  • 40% say they would be better off with fewer credit cards
  • Average number of creditors are 9
  • Average dollar amount disbursed monthly is $455.00
  • Average net income is $2150.00 monthly

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