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This site was started by a few software engineers working for big name asset management firm, investment and insurance company. During our work, we found that many everyday Americas made bad financial decisions. We are talking about spending hefty money to buy mortgage acceleration software, or buying investment type insurance. There is no one fit all financial products. Many agents go for highest commissions instead of most suitable products. This is the main reason we start out this web site so that people can discuss their own situation and help each other out.

In short, this is a web site devoted to consumer finance education. Mainly we are about credit cards, insurance, banking and mortgage. Our goal is to enjoy the convenience and services offering by these financial tools, and at the same time, save money on them.

We are NOT web site advocate opening a bank account for $50 bonus, close account after a few months. We believe you should get bonus cash with a peaceful mind and maintain long term relationship with your financial institutions since that is part of you.

We are not trying to time the market here either. Although buying home in the past few years seems like bad move, we think when people are in same stage of your life. One will have to buy a house. It is very unfortunate housing market is taking a severe down turn. We see our equity in the house disappear fast.


Have you ever annoyed by too many junk mails, phone calls, and emails, to get you to apply for a new credit card? Even worse, you have seen "5% rebate" in huge red font on top of the page, but did you read the smallest print in the back of page, and realize you have very little chance to qualify the 5% status?

It is time to opt out, add your number into "do not call" list and stop all these none sense. All these correspondences only leave the door open for crooks to steal your identity. The quality credit card everyone wants will not be sent to you. You have to find it yourself, right, in the internet.

There are many web sites lists all credit cards, couple of hundreds of those. Which one is good for you? Here We at, we picked out the best cash rebated card for you. But these cards only good for persons with good credit history and carry no balance monthly. These cards usually have high APRs. If you carry balance from month to month, there is no point to pay over 15% APR while getting less than 3 percent rebate.

We also have read the fine prints, and make sure no hidden fees, hidden clause. The rebate is not calculated by very complicated method. This is second aspect about us. We also want peach of mind. We here keep things simple. All being said, we hope the cards we picked can at least serve as starting point for you.

Enjoy your visit and keep your bonus with a peaceful mind ...


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